Best Dog Bike Trailers 2020 – Top 10 (Updated Review)

When you consider your dog to be a member of the family, spending time with it is something you’ll always enjoy, and when you wish to take your furry family member on a bike ride, the best way is to hook up a trailer to the back of your bike and let your dog ride in style. These dog bike trailers also provide the dog with a certain amount of safety and security, which is important to all pet parents.

The Top 10 Best Dog Bike Trailers for 2020

These are the top 10 best dog bike trailers on the market today, and you can start your research either online or in person to get the best trailer for your needs in the end.

How to Choose the Best Dog Bike Trailer

Not all dog bike trailers are created equal, so if you want the very best trailer for your dog it’s a good idea to check them out, both online and in person. Here are a few things you’ll want to look for:

Safety: an aluminum alloy frame offers the best protection, and if there is a tether on the inside of the cabin that attaches to your dog, that’s even better.

Comfort: take a look at things such as suspension, the size and design of the cabin, and whether or not it has a padded front headrest. All of these things are important to the dog’s comfort level.

Maneuverability: if the trailer is too stiff, movement can be difficult. You have to make sure the trailer adjusts to the trajectory of the bike. This is one aspect you may want to check out in person, not just online.

Miscellaneous traits: these traits include hubs and spokes made out of stainless steel, reflective pieces for easy visibility, weather protection from snow and rain, quick-release wheels for convenience, weather-resistant screens that allow the dog to see what’s in front of him, pockets to carry items in, and a design that is easy to open and close.

Of course, you’ll also want to check out the price, but keep in mind that cost should never be your only consideration.

In addition, since online prices are often much less expensive than those found in brick-and-mortar stores, it’s a good idea to check out the products online first, then check them out in person if you want to know firsthand how the trailer handles the job once it’s installed.

Choosing the best bike trailer for your dog doesn’t have to be complicated because all you have to do is use a little common sense and the rest should be simple.

A well-built, sturdy trailer that is comfortable for both you and your dog is what you want, as well as one that is made by a reputable company.

Do your research as well, because online, you can even get reviews from real-life customers that can let you know what other users really think of the product.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Bicycle Trailer?

At this point you may be wondering why you even need a dog bike trailer in the first place, and the answer is quite simple.

First of all, these trailers can accommodate both you and your dog and allow you to ride for much longer periods of time than you would if your dog was just running along beside you.

Yes, dogs have a lot of energy, but that energy is likely to wan over time.

Having a trailer simply allows you to enjoy much longer rides with your furry friend each time you go out.

Second, if you have a puppy, it may not have the discipline yet to run right beside you without straying off and maybe even putting himself in danger.

A safe, well-made bike trailer takes care of that problem and relieves a lot of your worry every time you and your dog take off for another ride.

Your puppy will stay right with you the entire time, providing you as a pet parent the peace of mind you deserve.

Another reason why a doggie bike trailer is so important is that it gives older or ailing dogs a chance to experience some fresh air and exercise.

If you have a senior dog or one that is suffering with some type of physical ailment, you’d have to leave it at home without this trailer.

With the trailer, however, you can take both the oldest dog and the one with various ailments or illnesses for regular exercise with no problems.

Pet bike trailers are also great for other animals, not just dogs.

When you go for a bike ride, you can take along any of your pets as long as they don’t exceed the maximum weight limit for that particular trailer.

The trailers are always easy to use and very sturdy, especially if you stick with the right brands, which means you’ll be able to count on the trailer for many years to come.

Let’s face it, both you and your pet deserve to go for a bike ride every now and then, so you might as well make sure both of you are as comfortable as possible each time you do.

If you’ve decided that you want to get a pet bike trailer to enjoy those bike rides with your pet, you’ll need a little help deciding on the perfect one.

Below are some of the best dog trailers on the market, which should help you decide which one to buy in the end.

Top 10 Best Dog Bike Trailers (Honest Review)

So we took 10 of the best dog bike trailers that we could possibly find on the internet. We reviewed all of them and the results are below.

1. Solvit HoundAbout II Pet Bicycle Trailer

Available in two different sizes, this lightweight aluminum frame pet bicycle trailer consistently gets 4+ stars from sites such as Amazon, and not only is it a very safe trailer, but your dog will enjoy peeking out through the top of the trailer so it can see everything that’s going on around it.

The front and side windows are ventilated for extra comfort, and there is a safety tether on the inside to keep your pet nice and secure.

The PetSafe Company makes tons of high-quality products for your furry family members, and this one is one of their best.

There are three pockets on the outside of the trailer for keys, cellphones, or doggie treats, and the medium and large trailers hold dogs weighing up to 50 lbs. and 110 lbs., respectively.

Best of all, the trailer is super easy to attach and disconnect to make accommodating your ride a lot faster and simpler.

The large-sized bike trailer, this product is sturdy, weather-safe, and built to last, which means you can count on enjoying it for many years to come.

2. Sepnine 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Bicycle Trailer

This dog bike trailer offers top-notch quality and good looks to boot, and you can use it as a trailer, dog cage, or even a jogger because converting it from one function to another is a breeze.

You can adjust the handlebar to make it taller or shorter, and it even offers excellent suspension to make the ride a lot smoother for your furry family member.

The bike trailer folds down easily whenever you need to store it away, and you don’t even need tools to set it up or disassemble it.

It also accommodates dogs weighing up to 66 lbs., and it comes in two different color themes: orange and black, and red and black.

Attractive and very functional, the trailer measures 31.5” x 22” x 23.6” and even has a front wheel that you can fix whenever you feel like taking your dog for a quick run.

Even better, all of the flaps on these dog bike trailers have zippers for pet parents who have extra-jumpy or active animals, and there is both mesh and plastic on the outside to make using the trailer convenient and easy.

3. Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Pet Bicycle Trailer

Available in three different colors, this trailer easily switches from a standard dog bike trailer to a stroller in minutes and is therefore convenient for all pet parents.

It also comes with top-notch suspension to make any ride a lot smoother, regardless of the terrain you’re traveling.

It is super easy to maneuver from one design to another, and it is weather-resistant thanks to its Oxford fabric, sturdy steel frame, and a special weather shield.

The Aosom Elite II trailer includes a safety leash and D-ring to make sure your dog is enjoying the ultimate safety, and your pet can enter through either the front or back door, both of which are zippered.

Your dog can even stick its head out and enjoy the sun on those great weather days, all while enjoying both safety and comfort inside of the trailer.

This bike trailer is affordable for nearly everyone and offers a durable trailer that will be with you for a long time.

4. Trixie Pet Bicycle Trailer

The Trixie dog bicycle trailer is available in three different sizes. The sturdy nylon covering means it can take a lot of abuse and keep on going, and it is super easy to keep clean as well.

The solid metal frame is built to last for many years to come, and the two large wheels are easy to maneuver and allow for a smoother ride as well.

With net inserts to help keep air circulating, your dog is guaranteed to be comfortable for the entire ride. There is both a front and a rear door for convenience, and it even comes with its own trailer hitch to make it super easy to install and disassemble.

With this bike trailer, you get a signal flag/banner and a removable padded base, as well as two color options: red or black.

Best of all, even though the trailer is sturdy and well-built, it is still very lightweight and allows you to maneuver it from one location to another with ease.

It is truly a high-quality dog bicycle trailer that you won’t regret purchasing.

5. Croci Pet Bicycle Trailer

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These dog bike trailers are sturdy and durable yet reasonably priced, making them affordable for everyone.

You can attach it easily and quickly to your bicycle without any special tools, and it is so spacious that your dog can even lie down in it as the two of you take a ride together and enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

There are even reflective bands on both sides for easy visibility when it’s dark outside.

The Croci pet bicycle trailer is brightly colored to allow cars to see it wherever you go, and the large wheels are built to last and can handle even the bumpiest terrain while still providing a very smooth ride.

Although sturdy, it is lightweight at roughly 22 lbs., and its 16” x  9” x 9” size makes it perfect for dogs of nearly every size.

If you love to go bike-riding and want your pet there with you, you need this bicycle trailer because it is dependable, attractive, and easy to maneuver from one location to the next.

6. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Bicycle Trailer

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This pet bike trailer can also be used as a pet stroller, making it a very versatile product indeed.

It has great suspension that allows for a super-smooth ride and even comes in a bright-red color and eye-catching flag for extra visibility.

Made by Best Choice Products, it has gained a 5-star rating on sites such as Amazon and can support animals that weigh up to 66 lbs.

The canopy on this bike trailer is weather-resistant to protect your animal from the elements, and the large air-filled tires are the perfect size at 19” in diameter.

You can adjust the handlebar to different heights for convenience and a more comfortable ride, and it comes with multiple pockets to store everything from doggie treats to car keys.

This is truly a great addition to your pet accessories and makes taking your furry friend along on the ride a simple thing to do.

It even has a cushion on the inside that you can remove for easy washing, as well as reflective markings and a universal bike hitch that makes hooking it up a breeze.

It isn’t the least expensive bike trailer you’ll ever purchase, but it promises to be one of the very best.

7. DoggieRide Mini Pet Bicycle Trailer

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Available in both green and black, and orange and black, the DoggieRide mini pet bike trailer can accommodate dogs with a shoulder size of 15 inches.

It folds down quickly with the release of a pin, and the rear entry door includes a water bottle pocket and a pouch.

Its two wheels are large and built to last, and it includes both an interior leash and special leash hooks to keep your furry family member completely safe while riding.

In addition, the front panel of the trailer has a protective rain cover so that your pet never gets rained on, and the product consistently gets 4-star ratings on sites such as Amazon, which tells you a lot about the overall quality of the trailer.

It is made of tough 600-D nylon and UV-resistant panels, and it comes with quick-release wheels that make setting it up and disassembling it a breeze.

When you want to take a ride with your pet, you need a good bike trailer, and this trailer is one that will never disappoint.

It even comes with a sleek, modern design that makes the trailer sporty-looking and even fashionable.

If you love going bike-riding with your pet, this is the perfect trailer to take along with you.

8. Festnight 2-in-1 Pet Bicycle Trailer

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These dog bike trailers are not exactly inexpensive, but they are worth every penny you spend on them.

The excellent suspension system allows for a super-smooth ride and the materials are water-resistant and extremely durable.

In fact, when you purchase this product you can count on enjoying it for many years to come.

The mesh windows mean the dog will always be comfortable as it rides, and there is even a rotating safety joint that ensures the trailer will continue to stand even if your bike falls over.

With numerous reflectors for safety, the Festnight bike trailer also has a safety flag and is brightly colored, making it much easier for passersby to notice that you’re there.

You can fold the trailer up when you’re not using it, and set-up and disassembly is always super easy and fast.

You even get a leash hook inside of the trailer in case you want to hook up your dog leash to it.

Sturdy and comfortable, this pet bicycle trailer is one you won’t regret purchasing, and at just 23 lbs., it won’t be difficult to carry it with you from one location to another.

9. Benkeg Elite II Pet Bicycle Trailer

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With a lightweight but very sturdy steel frame and a bright-red color, the Benkeg Elite II pet bike trailer can also be used as a stroller and is therefore a very versatile item to have around.

The best part is, you can switch it from stroller to trailer and vice versa in a matter of minutes – all without using any tools or special equipment.

There is a safety leash included on the inside and a suspension system that makes for a very smooth ride regardless of the terrain involved.

The trailer is well-built and affordable, and it can accommodate pets weighing up to 88 lbs., which is a little higher than many other bike trailers.

The 20-inch wheels are quiet and smooth, and there are three entrances to make getting your pet in or out super convenient.

The handlebar is completely adjustable and the front wheel swivels 360 degrees when you wish to use it as a jogger.

With its high-quality features and attractive and modern look, the Benkeg Elite II pet bike trailer is one you’ll be able to keep and enjoy for many years to come.

10. Alek...Shop Multi-Function 2-in-1 Pet Bicycle Trailer

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This 2-in-1 pet bicycle stroller easily and quickly converts from a bike trailer to a pet stroller, and it has three wheels for extra durability as you ride.

The removable canopy is weather-resistant and helps keep away wind, rain, and even debris from the road, and it grows with your pet so that you can keep it for a very long time.

There is also a back-storage unit for times when you want to put some of your belongings there so that you can be hands-free.

The bike trailer is also designed with several mesh panels so that your dog can be cool and comfortable as you ride, and its bright red-and-black design will ensure that all passersby see you every time, keeping you safe in the meantime.

There is a D-ring to make connecting your leash very simple, as well as quick-release wheels that makes it super easy and fast to set it up and take it apart when you’re done.

While it might be considered pricey for some, it is worth what you pay for it once you understand all of the many benefits it offers, many of which are not offered by other brands of dog bike trailers.

This is one of those times when you truly get what you pay for, and you will certainly not regret this purchase.


A dog bike trailer can be a pricey piece of hardware that both you and your dog can find to be a very enjoyable activity, especially on a hot summers day.

Being well-informed about making this purchase decision can truly change whether you find a dog bike trailer your dog will truly love as opposed to one your dog barely even wants to be seen in with you.

I hope that this article has been enlightening and informative and assists you with making responsible purchasing decisions.

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