Corona Virus & Your Dog: Everything You Need To Know

Corona Virus in dogs
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As we’re now approaching a time of many changes in our society due to the widespread pandemic known as the Corona Virus things are becoming to become a little more serious as the days go by.

Just a few weeks ago, society was thriving and functioning normally. Now, almost every country in the world is being affected by this deadly virus and the signs of recovery seem almost out of reach at this point.

One of the most common questions that were being asked by many of our subscribers were “Can my dog get the Corona Virus”?

As far as we know, dogs are incapable of becoming sick by this disease and are currently not showing any symptoms. So, does that mean that your dog is safe from contracting the Corona Virus?

Well, not quite. According to recent news that developed via dogs can be carriers of the deadly virus through their fur. 

For example, If someone that tests positive for COVID-19 pets your dog then it is possible for the virus to live on your dog’s fur for up to 3 days. During this three days your are likely to rub your dog’s back and can possibly contract it that way.

Here's What You Need To Do

Wash your dog! The virus is able to last on your dog’s fur for 3 days at a time. During these times it is recommended that you wash your dog at least once a week just to be safe.

A lot of the world is being quarantined so this task should not be too overwhelming for many. 

But, for those that do have the ability to work from home and cannot find the time to wash their dog that often then here’s a quick hack for you guys.

Using water-less shampoo cleaning products at least once a day can be a very helpful tool to keep your dog COVID-19 free. We recommend using Lillian Ruff’s Water-less shampoo to provide your dog with an easy, fast, and quick wipe down.

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After testing the product we found a few things out about it. 

1) The shampoo has a lavender smell that was not too strong and overwhelming to take over your household but it does have a very strong aloe formula that most micro-objects could not stick to.

2) The product comes with a scrubbing tool to coerce the formula through your dog’s fur but we noticed that simply using your hands to spread through their fur got the job done just fine.

3) The formula is tear-free, so spraying it on your dog’s head where most people will pet a dog is also a huge plus.

4) It is also a natural flee and tick repellent. Which is also a great plus.

The goal here is to keep your dog as clean as possible as often as possible. 

It is recommended that you should use the shampoo after returning from taking your dog on a walk, taking them to go potty or whenever you believe that they could’ve been exposed to COVID-19.


Dogs cannot test positive for Corona Virus but that does not mean that they cannot further intensify the rate at which the disease is spreading. 

Practicing social distancing and washing your dog regularly can prove to be very effective ways to stop against the spread of the deadly virus.

Remember to wash your hands often, wash your dog regularly, & stay safe.

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