3 Dog Treats Your Pitbull Will Beg For

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If you own a Pit Bull or are thinking of getting one they you should know that not all dog treats are made the same. The treats that you give to a Teacup poodle just won’t survive around the strong and powerful jaws of a Pit Bull.

Did you know that a Pitbull has one of the strongest jaws of all canines? Their jaws are specifically designed to rip through meat like its nothing.

Which is why most dog treats are simply not capable of fulfilling the capabilities that a Pitbulls jaws are designed for. Here are 5 treats found on chewy.com that will satisfy their inner beast and make your Pitbull beg for more.

Braided Bully Sticks

These treats are 100% digestible, completely all natural, and fortified to satisfy your pitbull. This is treat is for HEAVY CHEWERS ONLY! these treats are not suitable for smaller dogs. This is a great alternative to rawhide which can sometimes develop splinters that can injure your dog’s mouth. These 7 inch Braided Bully Sticks are thicker than the standard sized bully sticks and will provide for a much longer chew.

The Bully Sticks are slow roasted in natural beef juices that all dogs love and enjoy. These treats are perfect for Pitbulls 4 months and older. The durability of these treats may be too much for younger pups to handle.

Bones & Chews Pig Ear

These dog treats will give your pit bull a need to gnaw. They love these treats and will even dance for them. Watch the video below to see this Pitbull celebrating his favorite Pig Ear Chew.

This is a farm fresh treat your dog will love. The chews are a great outlet for your pitbulls natural chewing behavior. Each of these chews are made up of all natural ingredients that are easily digestible for your dog. 

They are also perfect for easing separation anxiety in dogs as well as keeping them occupied for some time.

Beef Foreshank Bone

The Beef Foreshank Bone perfect bone for Chompers that your put bull will love. These treats will also help to clean your dog’s teeth because of its textures. The bone treats are hard textured and contains trace amounts of beef still attached to the bone that you pitbull will refuse to put down.

The treats are slow roasted and present an all natural beef flavor. They are also free from many artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Perfect for an all day, long-lasting chewing experience.

These three pit bull treats are the perfect solutions to satisfy your pitbulls and keep them entertained throughout the day. You will love how excited it makes your pitbull and they will love the great taste and chewing factor the treats provide.

I hope that this article has been informative and has provided you with the relevant information you need to make your pitbull happy.

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