What to buy when getting a puppy | Must have items

Planning on getting a new puppy? Already signed the paperwork and just waiting for your new friend’s pickup date to arrive? But wait, are you even prepared? Do you even know what to buy when getting a puppy?

Don’t worry, my goal here is to help you transition into your new role as a puppy parent as smooth as I possibly can. The things that you buy when getting a puppy should be useful, practical and overall, just help to make your life 10x easier.

In this article, I will discuss some of the absolute necessities that you are REQUIRED to buy when getting a puppy, along with a few interesting items that make the transition from non-dog owner to dog owner of the year feel a little more seamless. 

Before your new puppy arrives, one very important question you should be asking your self is…

Where are they going to sleep?

Selecting the perfect bed for your new puppy is not optional. This step is absolutely mandatory. Their bed is not only where they go to sleep, but this is their tiny little piece of your home, their comfort pad of tranquility and just a simple place for them to end their days and leave all of their puppy worries behind them. (whatever it is that puppy’s really worry about)

pitbull puppy sleeping
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The bed you choose for your new puppy should represent their personalities and their attributes. Do you think that your new puppy may be a biter? Most puppies are. This is because during their teething stage it is hard for them not to chew everything apart.

A bed that is soft, yet durable is most likely what you would want to buy when getting a puppy. This will provide a comfortable place for them to spend the night as well as providing you with a peace of mind knowing you won’t walk in to seeing that comfortable $80 memory foam dog bed torn to shreds.

For this reason, we always recommend starting your puppy off with the indestructible bed. Not only is it an awesome and comfortable dog bed for your little pal to take naps in, but as the title implies, they are indestructible. You will save so much money in the future after you realize how much your puppy will try to challenge the integrity of their dog beds.

Most new puppy owners usually go through about 2 -3 dog beds on average before getting it right with the indestructible bed.

Though, it is okay to transition your puppy into beds that can offer a little more comfort as they make their way out of the teething stage. In our opinion, the dog donut cuddler bed seems to give puppies the best sleep they ever had.

I had a dog that usually woke up throughout the night from discomfort and he usually woke up in a bad mood because of it. The donut cuddler bed fixed all that and now my dog sleeps throughout the night and wakes up energized and ready for the day ahead. Highly recommended for dogs that are at least six months of age or older.


Another item that falls into the necessity category of things you should buy when getting a puppy is a suitable crate/kennel. Although your puppy might not know the purpose of it at first, it is up to you to get them familiarized with their crates.

A simple wire fence is usually all you need. Their crate/kennel should only be used during your puppy’s training or for travel purposes. For an added help on crate training/kennel training then check out this article, “How to Crate/Kennel Train Your Puppy” by the smarter pup training team.

Using a puppy playpen fence is also a viable option that allows for dogs to have a little extra room to sleep and play around. A puppy fence offers less restriction than that of a crate or kennel and is useful for a puppy that loves to play but doesn’t quite know which rooms in the house they can and cannot enter.

Potty Supplies

Potty training should begin the very first day of getting a new puppy. The sooner they learn where to go to pee or poop the better it is for you. If you already have a puppy then I am more than 100% positive that you’ll agree with me when I say that puppies pee and poop anywhere and everywhere!

dog peeing
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There is no tile, carpet, or rug, that is off limits. Whether your puppy is peeing on accident or this is was a very well though out plan for them, potty training should begin as soon as possible. 

Because I know how hard it is trying to come up with diy pet stain removers, you should try using Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator pet stain remover before you waste all that good apple cider vinegar. This pet stain remover will save you hundreds on carpet cleaning. Trust us!

As a certified pet trainer with a ton of clients that simply struggle with getting their puppies potty trained, I have come up with a secret recipe over the years that have enabled 9/10 puppy owners to potty train their pups in 3 days or less.

The secret is this masterful combination. Glad Charcoal puppy potty training pads along with Bodhi’s Puppy potty training spray.

Here’s why this works so well:

The Glad Charcoal Training pad contains ingredients that will completely soak up urine, as well as eliminate the scent of your puppy’s urine for hours and hours. Most potty-training pads just aren’t capable of doing this. The scent eliminating feature is especially useful for our next tool.

The super-secret weapon here is the magical wonders of using Bodhi’s Puppy Potty Training Spray. Simply spray 3-4 squirts of the bottle’s contents on the potty-training pads. The scent of the spray (which is extremely potent) will simulate that of outdoor grass that dogs like to smell before urinating. You do not need to worry about your house smelling like the outdoors because the potty-training pads do a pretty good job of clearing up those unpleasant odors.

The potty-training pads and the potty-training spray is a powerful duo that basically potty trains your puppy for you on your behalf. Thank me later!

Bath Supplies

Did you know that some dogs only require a bath maybe once or twice a year while other dogs need to be bathed at least three times a month?

puppy taking a bath
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Different dog breeds emit body odors twice as much as other dogs. Which is why it is important to know what supplies you need to buy when getting a puppy in order to effectively and sufficiently bathe them.

There are shampoos for itchy dogs, shampoos for hairy dogs, shampoos for dogs with incredibly bad skin, and basically a shampoo for every dog problem that you can possibly think of.

For new puppies, we simply recommend going with Pet Pleasants’ Lavender Oatmeal Shampoo which is perfect for younger dogs that may or may not have sensitive skin. Not only does it get your puppy squeaky clean, but it leaves them with a refreshing lavender smell all day long as well as keeping their fur coats all nice, soft, and smooth.

The shampoo even offers a colloidal oatmeal formula which is hypoallergenic and even combats skin irritation. It is vet recommended and an Amazon’s choice product. We highly recommend that you give it a try on your puppy, we have found and heard all good things about it.

For a bit of added protection and a post-bath scent enhancement tool is the Pet Pleasant’s Nourishing Lavender Perfume Spray. This is to help keep that puppy smell off of their bodies for just a little while longer.

Grooming Kit

Investing in a premium Grooming Kit will save you a ton of time and money. A puppy’s exterior as well as their interior needs to be properly managed and well-kept. Extremely overgrown nails and fur that is way overdue for a hair cut are just two things that potential puppy owners need to consider.

Paying for dog grooming services can become extremely costly, especially with a dog that needs a ton of work to be done. A simple 2-hour session at the dog groomers can run you anywhere between $50 – $250. Sometimes even more, depending on the stylist and the package chosen.

Another handy dandy tool that you may want to buy when getting a puppy that comes with longer fur is a furminator or the fur removal glove. Both of these are tools that will save your clothes and furniture later on. They simply allow you to easily and effortlessly capture the excess fur on your dog’s body and dispose of it.

Using these brushes once or twice a week can rid your house of dog fur by up to 50%, sometimes even higher during shedding seasons. 

Concerned that the breed of your puppy is a heavy shedder type? Checkout this article “Tools to Control Dog Shedding”, that will help you to better prepare for when your new pal arrives.

Dog Treats

There are two types of treats that you need to be considering at this early stage of your new puppy’s life. The two types of treats are training treats and dental treats.

what to buy when getting a puppy greenies
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There are many treats that you can use to train your puppy to conquer the world. The treat you decide to go with is completely up to your new puppy. The purpose of training treats is to act as small bribes that you give your dog as a way of saying “thanks for obeying my instructions”.

Therefore, these treats should be something your dog will actually enjoy and will want to work for. It is pointless training a puppy using treats that they just don’t like. The puppy will not really feel incentivized to work for the treat because it is not something that they necessarily want to have.

Your puppy should want to sit, rollover, or shake, on your command because they know for a fact that a flavor filled treat will be coming their way when they listen to you and follow your command.

Dental treats, like everybody’s all-time favorites Greenies, are dog treats that dog can eat to assist them with their dental health. Greenies, when given to a puppy will freshen their breath as well as clean their teeth without the need of using a brush. They’re also very tasty to dogs, which is a huge plus as well because it is not something you necessarily need to trick your dog into eating.

Dog Food – Food and Water Bowls

The food you decide to buy when getting a puppy should be thought about with much time. Many big brand dog foods that most people know about have had a bad history of containing chemicals in their foods that are potentially harmful to a dog’s digestive system.

It is important to do a bit of research on the food you give to your puppy before letting them put it into their bodies.

A healthy alternative to most dog foods that we recommend to most new dog parents are Merrick Puppy Dry Dog Food. The food contains all-natural ingredients, real meat with tons of proteins to support growth and their high energy. This grain free puppy food recipe contains leading levels of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat.

This is the only dog food that we recommend new puppy owners to buy.

As a new puppy owner, it may slip your mind that your puppy hasn’t eaten for a few hours. Don’t be alarmed. This is a common mistake that many new puppy parents run into. Your pup will be just fine not eating for an hour or two.

Using an automatic food and water bowl feeder will ultimately help to reduce the chances of this ever happening again in the future. You simply need to add food to their feeder and set a specific time for the food to disperse for your pup to enjoy. You are even able to set the frequency and the amount of food that ejects from the feeder.

Dog Toys

There are two types of dog toys.

The first type is chew toys. Chew toys are perfect for puppies that are teething and beginning to use their teeth a little more. This can be quite a frustrating phase for many puppy owners. Training your puppy to stop biting early on in their lives will save you a fortune on torn shoes, bedding, and carpet.

Yes, this is a picture of a huge hole in my carpet that my puppy created. Ahhh the good-ole days!

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Chew toys are also just a fun and unique way to keep your dogs active inside the house. Besides, the more chew toys around the house, the less damage to your personal belongings that will INEVITABLY occur.

Another, more useful type of dog toys that your puppy needs are mental stimulation toys. These toys usually come in the form of interactive games and puzzles that offer a reward at the end if your puppy is able to solve it.

These toys are good because they allow your dog to think outside the box. It forces them to focus their time and energy on accomplishing a task or a mission. Puppies love this because they get a treat at the end and you’ll love it because it’ll make your puppy smarter.


Unless you want dog toys scattered all over your house, you may need this. The Top Paw Folding Pet Storage Box is a quick and easy hack to keep all of your pet’s toys organized and still functional at the end of the day.

It is foldable to provide for easy storage and machine washable just in case of a spill or accident that requires cleanup.

Dog Walking

If you plan on taking your puppy outside the house for any reason whatsoever here are three MUST Haves’ to buy when getting a puppy:

A puppy needs a collar w/ ID tags, harness, and a leash. These 3 things are absolutely necessary to acquire, and they all serve their very own purposes.

dog walking
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Your puppy’s collar should come with id tags. A puppy collar with ID tags help to reduce the risk of your puppy getting lost. If they do get lost, the id tags on their collar should specify the puppy’s name, their owners contact information and their address.

Did you know that one in three pets will go lost or stolen each year? That’s roughly 10 million dogs with unknown whereabouts. This is a step a responsible pet owner should not neglect to follow.

Dogs can be taken out on walks using a collar, but this is not recommended for puppies. Walking your puppy using a collar does have the ability to irritate your pup’s throat and cause a harsh sounding, painful bark.

Because your puppy will still be growing, it is best to use a harness when taking them on a walk or anywhere outside your house. Another tool that needs to be used to accompany a harness is a leash.

Just attach your puppy’s leash to the harness and you two are ready to go.

Oh yeah, be prepared for some heavy potty action when you guys are walking around. Walking around with a few poop bags won’t be a bad idea and you won’t have to worry about being “that guy that never picks up their dog’s poop”.

Running, jumping, getting excited are all things that can increase a dog’s chances of pooping. Which is why having a poop bag is needed before heading on a walk. Carrying a dog water bottle can also help them stay hydrated while on the walk.

Bringing your puppy along in the car?

As a potential puppy owner or already puppy owner, safety should be your #1 concern. Although this is extremely overlooked by law enforcement, your dog needs to be buckled up as well whenever you guys are entering a motor vehicle.

So much accidents occur every year where a dog has either caused an accident because they were moving around while the driver was driving or had suffered severely because of an accident that could’ve been avoided if they were strapped in.

Using a Pet Safety Harness can eliminate any unexpected accidents caused by your puppy from happening as well as reduce the chances of injury if an accident was to occur.

Cleanup supplies

Cleanup on aisle living room! 

Your puppy will make messes in places in places you probably wouldn’t have ever considered possible. That’s just the way puppies work. Lucky for you, most of us dog owners have seen the impossible messes and know some of the best cleanup supplies you need to buy when getting a puppy.

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator will become your new best friend. This is another one of those, “you’ll thank me later kind of things.” Their motto literally is “If it’s gross, it’s gone”. If that doesn’t tell you what this thing is capable of, I don’t know what will.

Whether its your bedroom carpet, furniture, or car upholstery this odor eliminating formula is guaranteed to get that stain out.

Another tool that saved me a ton of time on cleaning up every day was the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum. I own a Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, and a Jack Russel Terrier, which are all extreme shedders. I used to spend hours of my day vacuuming my entire house only to have it covered with fur again by the end of the day.

After getting my hands on the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum this task quickly became a thing of the past. All I did was turn it on and let it do it’s thing. It would clean my entire house without me having to lift a finger.

Disclaimer: My dogs hate it. It would probably be a good idea to let your puppy play outside while the vacuum cleans up to avoid your dog from barking at it to death.

Flea & Tick Medicine

Not all dog flea and tick medicine are made the same. Basically, what I am trying to say is that some of them work and some of them are, meh! Unfortunately, meh will leave your dog scratching themselves until they can scratch no more.

Fleas and ticks are pests and blood suckers that hold onto a dog’s skin and use them either for free housing or for a free meal. Which isn’t okay.

Your puppy should always feel comfortable and worry-free. They should not need to be worried about these blood sucking parasites draining them.

K9 Advantix 2 is one of the only flea and tick treatments that we recommend for puppies and small dogs. The formula also works against mosquitoes. Luckily for your puppy, the treatment works on contact, so your puppy does not have to get bitten in order for their blood sucking pests to die.

Capable of working in as little as 12 hours and can even last up to an entire month if used correctly.

Dog first Aid Kit

Are you the adventurous type? Might want to bring your puppy along for the adventure? Remember, safety is key. Utilizing a dog first aid kit will help to provide you with a peace of mind of knowing that that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be prepared.

Protect your puppy’s minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises from the elements and reduce the chances of them getting an infection.

RC pet first aid kit is a good option to consider when looking to buy a first aid kit for your pup. It contains gauzes, bandages, antiseptics, gloves and an instruction manual too to help you address any situation your puppy may get themselves into.

Things to buy when getting a puppy

Here is a list comprised of everything recommended/mentioned earlier in the article for your convenience:


Getting a new puppy can be an extremely weird, exciting, and enlightening time in your life. This can also be a very tough time, figuring out what to buy when getting a puppy shouldn’t have to be.

There is an endless number of things we can learn from puppies as well as things we can teach them. It is up to you as a new member of the dog parent club to raise your puppy to be the dog you always wanted.

I hope that this article has been informative, helpful, and completes the goal of helping you know what to buy when getting a puppy as well as to help you transition into your new role as a puppy parent as smooth as you possibly can.

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Got yourself a new puppy? Not exactly sure what to do with it? Confused on which methods you should be using to train your soon to be best friend? Well, you’re in the right place. Whether you are a first time dog owner or a doggie day care veteran powerhouse there’s always a trick or two you can learn to get your pup to do what you want, when you want them to. Interested in the different ways to train your puppy? Click The Button Below To Learn More.

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