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Dog Keeps Peeing When Excited? Do this to fix your dog’s leaky faucet.

This is Jazz. My husband and I brought Jazz home from an animal shelter about 2 and a half years ago. Little did we know, Jazz was a party pee-er. Yup, a party pee-er. Whenever she got too excited or overwhelmed, she would pee a little on accident. 

Unfortunately for us, our apartment at the time was completely carpeted. So, it was up to us to get her to stop excitement peeing. I began doing some extensive research over the course of several weeks to find out why my dog pees when she gets excited, how to get my dog to stop peeing when excited, and some actionable steps that I could take in order to solve our party pee-er problem.

I just wanted to write this article to share some of the results that I received during my dog’s pee training journey with my readers and hope you will be able to get your dog to stop peeing when excited.

Dogs as well as many other animals pee when they become excited, scared, frightened or nervous. Lucky for us, this practice has a solution you can follow.

First, before I discuss exactly what I did and what you can do to get your dog to stop excited peeing I want to discuss some of the possible reasons why your dog may be doing it in the first place.

Why Do Dogs Pee When They Get Excited?

There are literally thousands of reasons as to why your dog may drip a little when they become too excited but here are some of the more common reasons why this action may occur.

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Dog Incontinence

Incontinence in dogs is simply the lack or inability to possess voluntary control over urination or defecation. Okay, so conducting my research I did not know that dogs were even able to become incontinent, especially not in puppies. But, unfortunately, it is true. Even your puppy can become incontinent.

Did you know that?

If you believe that your puppy/dog may be incontinent consider making an appointment with your local vet. Oftentimes, incontinence can be a symptom of much worse illnesses that you may not be aware of.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Turns out, Dog Incontinence is quite common among high-energy dogs and most puppies. There are many supplements that you can give to your dog that will enable them to take control of their bladder. Nutri-Vet Bladder Control Dog Chewables (link to Amazon) contains a strong combination of herbs and isoflavones that team up to help maintain bladder control and reduce urinary incontinence.

I found this to be the most effective way to get allow your dog to get a hold of their leaky faucets. It sure does beat trying to teach your dog to do Kegel exercises. Moving on!

Consider adding the chewable to your dog’s meal if they just aren’t a fan of eating them as a one-time treat. Although there’s not a specific time limit you need to wait before giving them another chewable, most dog owners recommend at least once a day until you are able to notice improvements in your dog’s bladder control.

Spayed or Neutered

Both of these are procedures conducted by a veterinarian that are done to remove the reproductive organs from dogs.

Spaying is the term for the procedure for female dogs while getting neutered is the term of the procedure for male dogs.

dog getting spayed

These can be extremely invasive surgeries that require a ton of healing time just like any other surgery.  Also just like any other surgery, there may be a few complications that can occur along the way.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to remain calm, cool and collected if you have a dog that is all of a sudden “excited peeing”, shortly after their procedure. Seeing this happen is completely normal.

In my experience, I have noticed that dogs typically take anywhere from 9 days to about 6 weeks to fully recover from the procedure.

Contact a licensed veterinarian as soon as possible if the problem still occurs 6 weeks after your dog’s surgery and inform them that your dog seems to still be experiencing post-surgery complications.

Old Age

Just as people start to experience problems and other health issues later on in life, dogs do so as well. Proper exercising habits combined with a proper diet can decrease your dog’s chances of developing weak bladder muscles.

A lot of older dogs will pee or poop in their dog beds on accident. It is just something that most dogs will experience when they get older.

Fortunately, the age at which this process starts can be delayed significantly based on the steps you and your dog took in their early years to prevent things like this from happening.

Young Age

It is at this very young age that mostly all dogs pee if they become scared, anxious, nervous, or extremely excited. They tend to pee a bit, though involuntary, this is how they seem to express their emotions at particularly young ages.

Until your puppy is old enough, typically 4-6 months old, it will be hard to get them to stop doing this. Lucky for us, as dog owners this practice is usually grown out of at around 6 months plus.

Again, If your dog is still peeing when they get excited even after the 6 month mark, please consult a certified veterinarian for specialized help.

How to stop your dog from excited peeing?

I have combined several different techniques, tips, tricks, and methods all intertwined to get my dog to stop peeing when they get a little bit too excited. Overall, the process took about 4 weeks to stop my dog from peeing when excited. Here is a few of the major things that I did that will possibly help you to keep your dog from soiling your floors.

Stop getting them excited

I am sure most of you have thought about this already, but have you tried it yet?

From my a few of my clients, and readers, I have discovered that the time this problem occurs most often is when their dog hasn’t seen the owners in a very long time. Instances where you either dropped your dog of for grooming, returning home from work or returning from vacation are when a dog’s excited peeing occurs most often.

dog getting excited

Even though your dog greets you or others by jumping on them, wagging their tales or whining, you do not need to reciprocate their energy.

Reciprocating their excitedness will only encourage them, even more, to continue going potty when they are excited.

A head rub is okay, but if you continue to embrace them beyond a head rub, this may result in an unwanted accident.

Keep them calm

For some dog breeds, keeping them calm can prove to be an extremely hard task. I found that using hemp calming treats (link to Amazon) is usually the easiest and most effective way of trying to get your dog to calm down and keeping them calmed down.

These treats use hemp to relieve tension, stress, and anxiety in dogs by releasing calming brain waves that support doggy relaxation.

These chewables may become your dog’s fan-favorite as well as a favorite for you as well because of its natural relaxation powers that will get your dog to stop springing a leaky faucet (peeing) whenever they get too excited.

Walks or runs more often

Have you ever heard the saying mobility increases motility? Well, it’s true! All it means is that going walking, jogging or running can increase your likeliness of going to the bathroom sooner.

The same rule applies to dogs as well.

Taking your dog out to go potty early in the morning, before your day begins will decrease their chances of having an accident at random times throughout the day.

Developing a very strict potty schedule for your dog will work wonders when you notice how less your dog may be having this accident.

Quick Tips To Get Your Dog To Stop Peeing When Excited

  1. Begin Implementing usage of Hemp Calming Treats
  2. Do Not reciprocate their excited energy
  3. Remain Calm
  4. Avoid heightening your pitch when greeting them
  5. If in public avoid embracing them until you are in a more comfortable area
  6. Let others know to not get them excited
  7. Use potty diapers until they grow out of it
  8. Do Not Punish them. Accidents do happen.
  9. Do Not pee on your dog in an attempt to show dominance (doesn’t work)
  10. ABSOLUTELY do no rub your dog’s face in their pee sample!


I hope that this article has been insightful, enlightening, informative and that we have been able to help you figure out what you need to do stop your dogs’ excited peeing problem.

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