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constipation symptoms in 4 week old puppy

Why Is My 4-Week Old Puppy Constipated: Probable Reasons and Easy Cures

As adorable as puppies are, they definitely require a lot of attention and care. Even more, if they’re just a few weeks old. Things may get more worrisome and tense for you if you have a constipated puppy 4 weeks old in age.  However, you need to know that there are certain causes of this. Sometimes, […]

post surgery recovery for dogs to drink more water

How to Get A Dog to Drink Water After Surgery [Helpful DIY Guide]

Knowing exactly how, or what it takes to get a dog to drink water after surgery is not as easy as it may seem. As pet owners, one of the most difficult things to go through is caring for your pet and their nutrition after surgery. They are often an extension of us, so when […]

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Puppy Gets Vaccinated Twice

Puppy Gets Vaccinated Twice! Here’s What You Need To Do

Owning a puppy means you have to take all of the proper measures to keeping your puppy safe. That includes getting them their routine vaccinations that work to prevent diseases. It is extremely important and essential to make sure your pets get their immunizations, but what happens if there is a goof and your puppy […]


Why Are Chihuahuas So Hard To House Train?

When those old Taco Bell commercials used to air on TV, the little Chihuahua mascot captured the heart of viewers across the world. The dog became even more popular when Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde dotingly carried her pet Chihuahua around in her purse. They may be popular, but they aren’t always easy to […]


Will A Dog Starve Itself To Death? Best Solution for a Dog That Will Not Eat

If you are searching for this topic, it is probably because your dog isn’t eating, and you are very worried. If they are refusing to eat, will a dog starve itself to death? First, it is important to remember that there is a difference between a dog starving itself and starving itself to death. Let’s […]


Are Yorkies easy to train? Everything you need to know!

When it comes to small dogs, you can’t go wrong with Yorkies. They may seem like fragile little divas at first glance, but these teeny tiny pups are actually highly intelligent. If you are looking into getting a small dog that is easily trained, then a Yorkie is probably your best bet. It’s hard not […]


Are Chinese herbs safe for dogs? (Which ones are beneficial)

Chinese herbs are usually preferred by pet owners in order to boost the health of their dogs. They can help on numerous occasions such as dog arthritis and they can also improve a dog’s immune system and skin health. Just as we can use Chinese herbs for our own good, there’s no harm in giving […]


How long does it take for subcutaneous fluids to absorb in dogs?

If used correctly, subcutaneous fluids could save your dog’s life. A subcutaneous fluid administration is when the fluids are injected into the space under the skin, also known as the subcutaneous skin. It’s important that the fluids get absorbed before giving the dog more. So the question arises, how long does it take for subcutaneous […]