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How to potty train any puppy in 3 days or less

For many years, dog owners, dog trainers, and dog enthusiasts have stumbled and fumbled in attempting to discover the sure-fire way to potty train a new puppy. 

Some even went as far as saying that this cookie-cutter method of potty training a puppy is impossible to discover mainly because they could not figure it out. It’s not their fault, you just don’t know what you don’t know.

Even I thought that every dog was different and that some dogs needed to be taught this differently and that it would take some dogs longer to grasp the concept of potty training than others.

Being a dog trainer for about 6.5 years, I found out that many techniques, that my mentor and other master dog trainers have been using were based on the exact same principles. 

Which then led me to believe that maybe I could apply some of these principles to potty training. Potty training a puppy then became the training activity I wanted to develop the cookie-cutter system for.

I trained puppies for many of my clients for several months trying to develop one way and one way only to get the pups to master the task in three days or less.

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I was beginning to make a bit of progress through trial and error but nothing seemed to give me the 100% potty train rate I was looking for.

Until one day I sat down and began to basically reverse-engineer the steps taken before a puppy goes to the potty. Then it hit me. 

What is the only thing that all dogs do before they go to either pee or poop? They sniff around. They smell the ground and look for the most ideal spot to go.

Then I wondered, what if it was possible to try to recreate the smell that dogs are searching for in their favorite pee spots. The smell that they seemed to want to pee on the most just seemed to resemble that of wet grass. 

So I thought to myself, what if I was able to bottle up some wet grass, spray it on a puppy’s pee pad and just see if that does the trick. I discussed it with a colleague of mine and they told me that this “idea” of mine was already invented.

Party pooper!

In fact, there are a ton of them on the market. So I did what any normal puppy product tester would do. I bought 10 different ones to test them all out.

Some were way too smelly for my house, some were completely odorless but couldn’t get the job done and others were just, meh. Then I found my favorite.

Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray (link to Amazon). I sprayed it one time for my puppies and tested it out for a week then took it to my job to see if it worked on other dogs as well. It did!

I was in complete shock and disbelief. I couldn’t understand why nobody I knew even knows about this thing.

You can spray this product on any pee pad of your choice, though I recommend using Glad’s Carbon Based Puppy Pads (link to Amazon) simply because they keep the odor at a minimum and it’s texture just seems to be a bit more receptive.

The spray mimics the scent of the odors that dogs smell that sends a signal to their brain that lets them know this is a good spot to urinate or defecate. It works with any and every dog breed you can imagine.  

This little trick is what I now use on all my newcomer puppies that enable me to potty train them in 3 days or less.

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