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Are Chinese herbs safe for dogs? (Which ones are beneficial)

Chinese herbs are usually preferred by pet owners in order to boost the health of their dogs. They can help on numerous occasions such as dog arthritis and they can also improve a dog’s immune system and skin health.

Just as we can use Chinese herbs for our own good, there’s no harm in giving them to dogs. They can alleviate the symptoms of a condition the dog is experiencing.

Chinese herbal treatments are not new in the field of dog treatments, but veterinarians have just started to acknowledge them more and more. They might not be drugs, but they have been considered useful and efficient in many cases. Let’s see why we should trust Chinese herbs and how and when we can administer them to our dogs.

Chinese herbal treatment versus veterinary care

“Are Chinese herbs safe for dogs?”, dog owners usually ask. As a matter of fact, Chinese herbal treatment is very popular. Nevertheless, dog owners can’t really trust – yet- these treatments. That is because they don’t believe these treatments are medical enough and as efficient and safe as veterinary care.

As a matter of fact, veterinarians support that Chinese herbal treatment can be trusted. They support that this kind of herbal treatment can be added to conventional treatments in order to generate better and more long-lasting results. Especially for treatments that last for a long time, Chinese herbs can replace strong drugs like Metacam. 

Considering that Chinese herbal treatment is not the same as veterinary care, not many veterinarians are aware of Chinese herbs. Lately, though, Chinese herbal treatment has been recognized as efficient, and more and more veterinarians are learning about and informing people about its safety and “coordination” with veterinary care.

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Chinese herbs: Are they drugs or not?

To answer correctly, we must recognize that herbs are not drugs. In proper combinations, they can be used as treatments. Being knowledgeable about TCVM and its theories though is extremely useful in order to create the best Chinese herb combinations. 

It is suggested to consult an expert, and preferably a TCVM-trained vet. By doing this, you guarantee the safety of the treatment and its efficiency. 

Healing anxiety

Chinese herbs can actually contribute to tackling dog anxiety. If the dog suffers from nervousness (nervous mobility and attitude) Chinese herbs are actually preferred, instead of using medical treatment. This is because Chinese herbs are more like a remedy so they will have more “natural” effects on anxiety. 

Healing Irritable Bowel Disease

It’s also been found that a Chinese herbal treatment can result in a better treatment of irritable bowel disease. That’s an intestine disease that some dogs suffer from. Medical treatments sometimes have serious side effects when treating this disease, so it’s preferred to use Chinese herbs to treat it.

Below, there are 2 Chinese herbal products that are very popular and of good quality. 

Super 8 Kidney Tonic Dietary Supplement (Link to Amazon)

  • It is suggested to consult a veterinarian before administering this to a dog, just to be safe.
  •  It is all-natural and it is produced by the original TCM traditional Chinese herb formula.
  •  It nourishes the liver and the kidney.
  •  It is manufactured in the USA under FDA facilities. 

Suggested Dosage

up to 20 lbs1 capsule daily
21-40 lbs2 capsules daily
41-100 lbs3 capsules daily
over 100 lbs4-6 capsule daily

Energy Enhancer Dietary Supplement (link to Amazon)

  • It is produced by the traditional Chinese Herb formula and it’s all-natural.
  • It provides energy and lifts prolapsed organs.
  • It supports the healthy function of the spleen and the stomach.
  • It is made in the USA and manufactured at an FDA facility.
  • Do consult a veterinarian before administering it to a dog.

Suggested Dosage

up to 20 lbs

1 capsule daily

21-40 lbs

2 capsules daily

41-100 lbs

3 capsules daily

over 100 lbs

4-6 capsule daily

Chinese herbs for dog allergies

When it comes to dog allergies, common veterinary medical care provides topical medicines. On the other hand, Chinese herbal treatments face allergies as a whole, meaning as a whole disharmony.

Hence, medicine tends to the allergy topically when the herbs treat it from the source of the problem, which is the disharmony that has occurred in the body. 

According to what we know until now, Chinese herbs have been very useful in facing the following:

  • kidney disease
  • gastrointestinal conditions
  • constipation
  • cystitis
  • vomiting
  • incontinence
  • heart problems
  • anxiety
  • behavioral problems
  • asthma
  • supporting cancer treatments

Taking into consideration the fact that Chinese herbal treatments take longer to function and they are more “light” than heavy medication, each dog can adapt to them differently. Nevertheless, it takes approximately two weeks on average for the dog to feel better. When it comes to treatments that last many months or years, improvements will be visible after some months.

It is preferred to change the diet and the lifestyle of the dog, in order to enhance the effects of the herbal treatment. Each dog is different, as every condition is too. Therefore, it is highly suggested to consult an expert in order to create the best combination of herbs that can help in facing the dog’s issue.

In general, most Chinese herbs help to treat issues regarding the intestine. They are also preferred when treating arthritis. 

Arthritis in dogs can be very painful. That’s why many dog owners choose Chinese herbs such as Ligusticum, Corydalis, and Hindquarter Weakness. These are natural pain relievers. Bone broth is also suggested for treating joint pain and arthritis. 

Another important issue to discuss is the possible side effects of Chinese Herbs. When Chinese herbs are combined correctly, there is no danger. The treatment must be produced carefully and by an expert in order to guarantee its safety. It’s very rare to hear about side effects. However, make sure to check the tolerance of the dog in herbs and its response to them.

Arrange with an expert a test of these herbs in order to see how the dog reacts. If a dog has, for example, a soft bowel movement, it is possible that the dog might not be able to absorb and consume these herbs easily. Therefore, there might occur some side effects from that issue.


In general, Chinese Herbal Treatment can effectively restore health and balance for your dog. It might not be official and medical as common veterinary care, but it is a safe remedy that is natural and rarely has any side effects.

It is worth trying, especially if your dog suffers from a disease that demands heavy drugs. Herbs provide a more “subtle” treatment that will hardly be “felt” by a dog. Hence, they can be administered quite easily (mixing in water or adding them to a meal). 

Taking every tip and information into consideration, don’t be afraid to explore your options and include Chinese herbs in your dog’s life. Choosing a more natural way to treat their disease will only benefit you. So, Are Chinese herbs safe for dogs? Yes, they are with almost no side effects at all. 

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