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Demand Barking In Puppies: 5 Simple Tips To Stop It Today!

Treat this as your guide to finding out how to prevent demand barking in puppies.

Taking care of puppies is no easy job. It demands attention, full compassion, and most importantly, your time and patience. You may also have faced quite a lot of problems when it comes to having a puppy. 

One of the most common problems the puppy-owners face is definitely demand barking. Let’s take a look at what exactly is demand barking and how to stop demand barking in puppies.

What Does Puppy Demand Barking Mean Exactly?

When puppies want something from you, they may start barking continuously to get whatever they want. This continuous barking is known as demand barking. 

Now, why does your puppy keep demand barking? Well, it could be because of the below reasons. 

They Want Food

Your puppy may keep barking continuously if they want to eat something that’s well not quite included in their diet. 

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It can be anything like extra puppy treats (Link to Amazon).

They Want to Go Out or Come Inside the House

If your puppy loves going out, they may keep barking to be let out. On the contrary, if they want to stay in all the time, they may whine and bark when you want to take them out. 

They Want Your Attention All The Time

Some puppies may get extremely attached. In this case, they’d want to spend all their time with you. This may sound extremely flattering but it’s not that convenient when you’ve to work or even go somewhere. 

They Want Their Favorite Toy

Just like food, your puppy may keep whining and barking all day long if they want their favorite toy. 

These are just some of the main reasons. There could be plenty of other reasons too. 

However, keep in mind the difference between genuine barking and demand barking. If your puppy keeps barking all the time it is better if you set up an appointment with the vet. It may be an underlying problem, stress, or even anxiety. 

On the other hand, if your puppy just barks when they want something then it is definitely demand barking. 

How to Stop Demand Barking in Puppies?

As said earlier, a lot of puppy owners have had to go through demand barking. Due to this, many of them even sent their puppies to shelter homes. 

Yet, if you have some time and patience to spare, you can easily know how to stop demand barking in puppies in the following ways. 

1. Try to Ignore Your Puppy

Yes, this may sound extremely cruel but ignoring your puppy when they bark is the best option out there. 

It is because when your puppy starts demand barking they want your attention to get something. However, if the barking simply doesn’t work then they’ll stop doing that. 

Remember that you will need to be extremely consistent. You cannot give in no matter what. Your puppy may start barking even louder. In this case, too, you have to maintain your calm and not give them any attention. 

Once they get calm, give them what they want or even a puppy treat. This way they’ll slowly understand that if they behave instead of barking, they’ll get what they want.

2. Teach Them How to Ask For Things

If you cannot ignore your puppy, you can train them to ask for things. For example, you can teach your puppy to sit whenever they want something. 

This can help your puppy by getting them busy and motivated in performing that action rather than demand barking. You can always encourage this behavior by getting them some puppy treats. 

3. Make Use of Some Products

If nothing works and you don’t have enough time to spare, you can always look out for some products that can do this work for you. 

For example, you can go for an auto-trainer product (Link to Amazon). Auto-trainers can help your puppy by disciplining them in a positive and encouraging way. You can easily continue to not pay your puppy any attention while they bark. 

Once, they stop, the machine can give your puppy some treats and encourage him to stop barking.  Additionally, it can also distract your puppy while they are barking. 

4. Never Punish Them or Scold Them

Dogs are never good with negative encouragement, neither are puppies. So, make sure you never punish them or scold them. 

If you start shouting at your puppy when they start barking, they’ll develop feelings such as mistrust, fear, anxiety, and stress. So, they may stop barking but they’ll also not trust you and start fearing you. 

5. Try To Prevent Demand Barking From the Start

If your puppy has just started demand barking or hasn’t started that yet, make sure you prevent it from the very beginning. 

For example, if you haven’t given them treats or food quickly, they may grow impatient and start barking. However, this is where the trouble starts. Once you react to their barking and give them food, they’ll do it all the time. 

Instead, whenever your puppy exhibits this behavior, try to ignore them and relent until they grow quiet. 

So, now you know how to stop demand barking in puppies and train them to become polite and behave in front of you and outsiders too!

Final Thoughts

Just like how a kid or a baby throws a tantrum, puppies start demand barking. It doesn’t mean that you cannot curb this behavior. 

By following the above ways, you can stop your puppy from adopting this habit permanently. However, all you need to give your puppy is some time and patience. In the end, they’re simply babies too!

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