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Why Does My Yorkie Stink? Everything You Need to Know

The most common reasons a Yorkie might stink include poor diet, skin issues, impacted anal glands, over-bathing, and dirty paws.

Knowing the Basics of Grooming Right

A Yorkie, compared to any other breed, isn’t really predisposed to smelling or picking up foul odors. However, the reasons can be unrelated from breed to breed, and that is where it makes a difference. 

Usually, the first episode of stinking has to do with the dog’s skin. If that’s the case, you’re probably not paying attention to grooming your Yorkie.

A quick way to determine the source of the problem is to scan your dog to ensure they haven’t rolled over a dead animal or eaten poop or urine (just dog things, you know). If your pup comes out clean, then it’s definitely grooming that you need to look at.

 Here’s a rundown of some basics you need to know and take care of: 

  • Unlike other dog breeds, Yorkies do not have double coats (fur). Their hair resembles human hair and thus needs to be brushed and maintained properly to help distribute the oil all over and keep things neat and shiny.
  • Regular brushing also prevents a Yorkie’s hair from getting tangled, thus invariably blocking the airflow. The result is a stinky skin.
  • Washing the dog’s hair is the next important step in grooming. Usually, you should be bathing your Yorkie once every three weeks to get rid of dust and oil build up. However, if your pup is a naughty one and loves to mess around in mud all day, you may as well bathe him twice. It will also keep the infections away.
  • Next, pay attention to the shampoo you use. Human shampoos are a strict no no as they contain several harsh chemicals which can irritate it’s sensitive skin. At times, Yorkies can be prone to seasonal allergies, ringworms as well as atopic dermatitis which leads to the formation of dead skin cells, recurring scratching, and hair loss. Choosing a formulated dog shampoo can help keep away such issues.
  • Keep an eye for skin discoloration, bumps, and flakes. If your pup gives out a musty odor, you might want to consider visiting a vet. 

Diet Plays a Significant Role 

Besides grooming, diet is another area where any shortcoming can make a Yorkie stink.

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A poor diet or malnutrition affects your dog in its entirety, from how the skin smells to ear infections and problems with poop. Any serious problems with the dog’s digestive system can have unintended consequences, such as pancreatitis, where diarrhea and vomiting are common warning signs.

Most of the time, the culprit is the brand of dog food you feed. You will need to keep an eye out for any product that uses cheap filler materials or a meat meal that’s overprocessed with artificial preservatives, adding to its longer shelf life. 

Considering the fact that dogs are prone to digestive disorders, choose high-quality, tried-and-tested dog food brands that source locally and also meet the AAFCO standards, promising wholesome nutrition. 

The other thing that you should be looking at is your dog’s poor dental health, which can lead to stinky breath, otherwise known as halitosis. And given the fact that Yorkies are small, their jaws don’t offer a lot of space for their teeth. Hence, regular brushing is highly recommended to remove the plaque buildup, which can also lead to tooth decay.

Smelly Ears are No Good Either 

Another area from which your Yorkie might start to smell is their ears, and tell you what, that’s a clear indication of an ear infection.

Again, due to their small size, Yorkies experience a good amount of wax buildup that needs a thorough cleaning. Besides, when you bathe them, water might seep into the ear canal, which in turn can lead to trouble. 

Remember, stinky ears on a Yorkie are a symptom of a larger problem within. Additionally, swelling and pus discharge aren’t any good at all. Time and again, you might find your little pup rubbing its ears against walls or furniture around the house. A sight like that suggests they are in great discomfort. 

Usually, there isn’t much that you can do at home to relieve a Yorkie of an ear infection. 

You’ll eventually have to take your pup to the vet, where they’ll treat the infection with ear drops. In a week or so, it should relieve the discomfort, and your little guy will be back to wagging its tail happily!

Not Sure Why Your Yorkie Stinks? 

Despite being aware of the things that can lead to a stinky Yorkie, sometimes one just can’t be sure of the root cause. 

This generally has to do with an odd scent that reaches your nose when you get closer to your dog. To make matters worse, the smell continues to linger even though you’ve  checked on everything else. 

Well, times like these call for significant attention when you need to consider the urgency and at once take your pup to the vet. 

Wrap Up 

So, you see, if you have a stinky Yorkie, you are not alone out there.
All you need to do is figure out the actual issue and take the necessary action. With proper grooming, a good diet, and proper care, you can do away with the stinky odor coming from your pup easily!

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