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Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate training your puppy or dog can be extremely difficult at times and can seem pointless when you are face to face with a dog that seems completely oblivious to any of your any commands. That’s where “showing your teeth” comes in.

Dogs show their teeth to show dominance among other dogs, animals, or people. If your dog is just not paying any attention to you it is your duty to show dominance, let the dog know who exactly is in charge here.

Creating A Distraction Free Zone

Firstly, you need to establish a place with very little to no distractions to your pup. Choosing an area with lots of space or somewhere outside is not recommended. Mainly, due to the fact that there are cars, birds, maybe some kids outside playing around.

There is way too much going on for you to maintain your dog’s attention, especially for longer periods of time. It is best to begin crate training your pup in a quiet section of your home where there isn’t much around for your dog to become distracted. You will notice how much easier it is to train them in an area with zero distractions.

Providing Incentives

Secondly, you need to provide them with incentives, give your puppy a reason to listen to you and to follow your commands. If you couldn’t guess by now, treats. Treats are a great way to maintain a dog’s attention and to also get them to listen to you.

I have noticed that meaty treats tend to get the job done faster than regular hard doggie snacks. The type of treat is optional. If you know exactly what your dog likes then go with it. The purpose of the treat is to act as a lure device for your dog, to coerce them into their crate.

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My recommendation is Hemp Dog Treats (link to Amazon). When training my dogs these treats not only act as a very enticing “do what I say” device but it also acts as a calming tool for more aggressive dogs. The treats will help to balance your puppy’s physical energy for both hyperactive dogs and dogs that need a little bit more pep in their step.


Thirdly, remember to acknowledge or embrace them for their completing of your desired demands. By doing this, your puppy will eventually begin to realize that if by simply entering the crate they will be rewarded with a treat. 

If your dog simply walks into the crate expecting a treat, then walks out we will now attempt to discourage that behavior. Try to get your puppy comfortable with their crate when they are inside start dropping treats down in for them to eat.

This practice attempts to get your dog into thinking that “maybe I should stay in here”. See how that works? 

Closing The Crate

This is the part where the crate closes. Throughout this practice the crate was open the entire time so that your puppy can walk around the crate, observe what’s going on outside of the crate and to simply just be comfortable with the crate.

After you find that they are now spending a considerable amount of time in the crate attempt to close it and see how they react. If your puppy quickly runs outside of the crate they are not ready and you should go back to previous steps.

They simply aren’t ready to be closed in the crate yet. After you find that they are comfortable you should reward them by giving them some treats and little praise, a good-ole fashioned “whose a good boy” usually gets the job done quite well if you ask me.

Brain Training Toy

Finally, After your puppy finds peace in being left inside the crate you are about done here. I would suggest a few interactive toys for your dog to play with inside the crate so that when inside they will be so distracted by the toy that they will not even be able to notice that their crate is closed.

Toys that work well with training the brain and early development mental enhancements is recommended. A toy that I recommend but is completely optional to meet these points is the Kong Wobbler (link to Amazon).

It simply dispenses treats for your puppy but, only when your pup is working for it. A great tool/toy for early stages puppy brain development.

We know that at first your puppy will just straight up ignore you, it happens. Please do not become impatient with your pup or give up on them.

These things take time and in due course, once you follow everything we talked about here your new puppy will become a crate master and you will earn your puppy crate training badge. 

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