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Tips & Tricks To Training Your New Puppy

First of all, congratulations on the new puppy! Your new pal will become your best friend, they will become your source of comfort, they can also become the reason you need to buy your roommate brand new shoes. I’m speaking from experience of course.

You might want to consider not having roommates if you don’t have a dog as of yet. But, not to worry. I am here for you. Over the past seventeen years that I have been training puppies from every breed imaginable I have been able to come up with what I call the “Kyler Puppy Principles”.

These are just 5 rules that I have developed over the years that have been basically copying & paste procedures for training any dog breed. Here are my 5 tips to training your puppy.

5 Tips To Remember When Training Your New Puppy or Dog

Kyler Puppy Principles #1 – Patience is a virtue. Although canines are very intelligent creatures they still need time to develop and become comfortable with you in their new environment.

I always tell my students that before even considering teaching your dog to sit you must be able to teach yourself that patience is key. It may seem like your dog is ignoring your command but that is not true. In reality, your dog does not even comprehend the fact that command is even being given. 

Kyler Puppy Principles #2 – Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. I have seen too many puppy owners that get the “shiny object syndrome” about their new pups and they go absolutely above and beyond in an attempt to train their pup to be the perfect dog in a matter of one week.

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When the “shiny object syndrome” begins to dwindle away, so does any of the progress they have made with their pups. Slow and steady wins the race.  I found it helpful to create a 10-week schedule where you teach your dog a command a week.

This will help to keep you consistent while at the same time giving your dog time to learn and grow.

Kyler Puppy Principles #3 – Pick a place. When training your dog, you will need to make it a priority that you train them in the same spot every time. Whether if it’s a specific room in your house, at the park, or anywhere your heart desires.

The reason for doing this is because that spot will become your dog’s zone. Whenever in “The Zone” your dog will know that it is time to focus on you and you alone. This area should also be free of any potential distractions that will cause your dog to ignore some of your commands.

After consistently using “The Zone” your dog will eventually begin to realize that it is time to begin learning whenever you guys approach it.

Kyler Puppy Principles #4 – Provide an incentive. This is the ultimate motivator. If you want your pup to listen you need to give them a reason. After every correct command that they follow you should provide them with a treat to congratulate them for the good work.

Kyler Puppy Principles #5 – It’s okay to try again another day. Sometimes it may just not be a dog’s day. It’s okay for you guys to take some time away from the training and just enjoy each other’s company.

Your pup may just be tired or you may be giving off vibes that your dog may just not be okay with at the moment. Don’t worry. Tomorrow’s another day.

It can seem like you are completely in over your head in the early stages of getting your puppy to sit, shake, or rollover but trust me if you follow these 5 tips and allow your dog time to get into the swing of things all your hard work and time spent will pay off.

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